Selena Johnson

Selena Johnson
INFORMATION: 720-721-1575

Hi! My Name is Selena Johnson. I am a wife and mother, but ALSO, I am a “Professional Problem Solver.” I take the problems of any corporate position I’ve ever held and streamlined the processes, eliminated errors and increased productivity. I also created an automated mandatory tool, for processors Nationwide, with my current company. Being that I love automation and passionately despise errors, it was only natural that I created this program. In 2003, I used my debit card to go shopping, after checking my bank balance to make sure I had enough money. To my surprise, my account STILL became overdrawn, because of a forgotten automatic withdrawal from a creditor, later that day. That $16 charge ended up costing me $56, after the merchant fees and overdraft fees (the draft also bounced)! They didn’t care that I got paid the VERY NEXT day.

I decided then and there, that there had to be a better way to keep track of my money. I needed a program to tell me when monies were coming in and going out of my account. Since creating that program, I have NOT bounced a single check, or withdrawn my account. AND EVEN BETTER – I have paid all my bills ON TIME, which then increased my CREDIT SCORE and was even able to get myself OUT OF DEBT! WIN-WIN-WIN! The program also helped me to project if I could afford a new car and to take a road trip across the country, with my son for Spring Break.

Since that day in 2003, I’ve helped my friends to also make ends meet, pay their bills on time, avoid overdraft fees, pay down debt, and forecast their future bills. Since 2013, I’ve had many requests to turn my program into a website, to make it easier to manage and user friendly. Finally, in 2018 UsableCash came to life. Once you start using this program, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with out it! Once it’s all set up, it runs like a well-oiled machine! I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me, and so many others!